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Refrigerator Repair & Freezer Repair

Refrigerator Repair & Freezer Repair

Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator Repair & Freezer Repair

In need of refrigerator repair? Every Beverly Hills households uses a refrigerator, as it is a valuable appliance when it comes to preservation of food and vegetables. However, an old or broken refrigerator results in huge utility bills. Consider that when the freezer or the refrigerator is faulty, it runs for longer hence leading to increased electricity bills. In addition, it does not cool well, these results into losses as your food is perished faster.

Consulting an experienced appliance repair company is the best approach for ensuring your refrigerator delivers optimal performance. Corax Appliance Repair is the leading refrigeration and freezer repair company in Beverly Hills California. Because we offer a guarantee on all the appliance repair services, ensuring that our customers receive value for money. Our experienced technicians will look at the broken down refrigerator, diagnose the issue and carry out an effective repair.

Our appliance repair technical staffs are trained on different refrigerator and freezer models. Therefore, you are assured that we shall provide a lasting solution. In addition, we offer you factory authorized technical staff, which use genuine replacement parts on your refrigerator. Call us today for a free service estimate. Here are some of the common refrigerator issues.

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The refrigerator leaks water

The common cause of a refrigerator that leaks water is the blocked defrost drain. Therefore, you experience water paddling up under the refrigerator, which obviously will damage your floor. This is never a good sign, and you need a professional who can resolve this issue. The blockage is often because of food particles or other debris clogging the drain hose hence causing the ice buildup. Our qualified technicians will use advanced techniques to flush out the debris hence resolving the issue. Note that using sharp equipment to force the debris out of the pipe can result in costly damage. Therefore, let Corax Appliance Repair handle the issue professionally.

When your refrigerator is cycling too often

Consider that the refrigerator is one of the power intensive home appliances. Therefore, when the refrigerator is constantly running, this affects your wallet. A buildup of dust particles or pests infestation on the refrigerator condenser coils can result in refrigerator running too much. Removal of the brunt buildup is required in order to make sure the refrigerator is running optimally. Contact Corax Appliance Repair for servicing of the refrigerator and fixing other issues to ensure the refrigerator runs optimally.

The refrigerator door light is not working

This might require replacement of the bulb. We replace the bulb with the manufacturer’s original bulb to ensure the longevity of the bulb. In addition, the qualified technicians will check the door switch to ensure it is working.

Why hire Corax Appliance Repair for Refrigerator or freezer replacement? By choosing Corax Appliance Repair for refrigerator or freezer repair in Beverly Hills, you are assured:

Dependable refrigerator technicians in Beverly Hills

Our local refrigerator and freezer repair team in Beverly Hills has undergone extensive training, ensuring that we meet the qualities required for professional services. Talk to us today and we will make sure that you are a satisfied customer. We commit to 100% customer satisfaction while making sure that we are readily available when required. Our customer service experts will listen to you keenly and do the very best to make sure you are a satisfied customer. Talk to us today and we will never let you down.

Corax Appliance Repair comes with years of experience in freezer and refrigeration repair. We ensure that our customers walk away satisfied through our outstanding service delivery. Call us today for general inquiries or a free estimate on the services that we offer.

We offer Full Refrigerator Repair Service

At Corax Appliance Repair, we offer all in one refrigerator repair services. Therefore, all the refrigerator problems will be handled under one roof when you come to us. We have advanced refrigerator problem diagnosis equipment letting us to quickly troubleshoot and find the issue. in case there is a replacement part that is required, our technicians will use replacement parts originally from the manufacturer. We also offer regular refrigerator and freezer maintenance to make sure the refrigerator is in proper working condition throughout.